International Precious Metals & Commodities Show

Precious Metals Show 2021, 1st Day

On the first day of our fair we present to you:: Prof. Dr. Max Otte, Hannes Huster, Markus Bußler, Jim Rogers, Andreas Popp, Dr. Eike Hamer, Dr. Chris Martenson, Wolfgang Seybold, Dimitri Speck, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Polleit.


Precious Metals Show 2021, 2nd Day

On the second day of our fair we present to you: Christian Vartian, Egon von Greyerz, Ernst Wolff, Dr. Uwe Bergold, Marc Friedrich, Jochen Staiger, Martin Siegel and Johann A. Saiger.

International Precious Metals & Commodities Show

Welcome to the website of the "International Precious Metals & Commodities Show", which opened its doors for the first time in Munich in 2005. Due to political decisions, this year our event can again not take place in Munich in the usual framework. But we are looking ahead, looking forward to seeing you in person, hopefully next year, and welcoming you virtually for the second time this year.

While the new format is not a full-fledged replacement for our previous live event, we will once again be able to present renowned speakers from Germany and abroad, albeit only via video. You will find deposited and further information for you at the sponsors and virtual exhibitors. And not to forget: Our popular accompanying magazine will be published again this year.

We would like to thank all virtual exhibitors, advertisers, speakers and especially our gold and silver sponsors for supporting us in this epochal time of change.

Here you will find our program for the two days with all speakers: Program

Latest news:

11.11.2021: Program for Friday & Saturday

11.11.2021: Program for Friday & Saturday

No year is like the other! New ideas, small optimizations or unforeseeable events can even bring a veteran to his knees or mess up your schedule...

Last year we published the presentations over several days. In a live premiere, all individual videos are now combined into one and played on Youtube as a premiere from a set time. You may either watch live or later at your own leisure.

The speakers
After several attempts, we finally worked it out this year: Jim Rogers, legendary investor and THE commodity legend! Wolfgang Denk interviewed the former US hedge fund manager for us.

As a new format, we have now for the first time set up two expert talks Andreas Popp & Dr. Eike Hamer as well as Hannes Huster & Markus Bußler. You will be surprised whether they agree or disagree with each other.

On the first day of the show the following speakers will get a chance to speak: Prof. Dr. Max Otte, Dr. Chris Martenson, Wolfgang Seybold, Dimitri Speck and Prof. Dr. Thorsten Polleit. They will be followed on the second day by Christian Vartian, Egon von Greyerz, Ernst Wolff, Dr. Uwe Bergold, Marc Friedrich, Jochen Staiger, Martin Siegel and Johann A. Saiger.

We would like to thank all speakers for their active support as well as Wolf-Henry Dreblow (video technician), Chris Dreyer (interpreter) and Jan Baltensweiler.

The detailed program schedule for both days can be found here: Program

- The direct link to the video of the first day of the fair:
- The direct link to the video of the second day of the fair:

A few technical details for insiders:
Our two 5-hour videos for each day comprise about 20 GB each. The rendering (= converting a “working file” into a finished video) alone takes about 4 hours per file, provided the computer has the appropriate resources. The upload to Youtube another 2 to 3 hours.

Our Edelmetall- & Rohstoffmagazin 2021
We have already started delivering our 300-page magazine a few days earlier than originally planned. Due to its weight, we can only send your order as a parcel (domestic: DPD). The magazine can be ordered through our bookshop: GoldSeiten-Shop

PS: As a small thank-you for all purchasers, the book “Gold & Silber für Einsteiger” (Gold & Silver for Beginners) by Tim Schieferstein (Softcover, Edition 11/2021, approx. 245 pages, €14,90) is enclosed with the shipment free of charge. (Non-binding, as long as stock lasts)

We have launched another newsletter for our sponsors. In this context we will allot a one ounce gold coin. Details can be found here.

With golden greetings

Your Precious Metals Fair Team


01.11.2021: Interim Update Precious Metals Show 2021

01.11.2021: Interim Update Precious Metals Show 2021

- No Registration!

As of late, we have received many inquiries how or rather by then you will have to be registered for this year's Precious Metals Show. Don't worry, you will not have to register. It's not necessary now and it wasn't necessary last year either. And if we have anything to say about it, it shall stay this way! Our event is open for everybody, no matter their nationality, religion, values, etc.

- Program

Unlike last year, we will not upload our speakers' presentation individually to Youtube, but instead present them as “Youtube Premiere” on one day of this year's event. So you may watch either watch them live, chat while doing so or watch specific presentations later on after the premiere. The program will be published in the middle of next week.

- Speakers

Due to the fact that two of our long-time speakers decided on a reorientation of careers, we received two last-minute cancellations. Later on, we received two further cancellations. Since this disrupted our planning quite a lot, we were not able to introduce this year's speakers until today.

- Fair Magazine 2021/22

This year's fair magazine is exactly 300 pages long. The planned delivery of our 17th edition ensues starting from CW46 (from 18.11.2021). The ordering form will be activated on Wednesday.

- Contest

In cooperation with our sponsors we will soon prepare a contest with a golden opportunity for you.

- Newsletter

Our fair newsletter will be published in the upcoming days and provide you with further details.


10.08.2021: Update Precious Metals Show 2021

10.08.2021: Update Precious Metals Show 2021

We have sad news for all visitors, guests, speakers and exhibitors: This year's Precious Metals Show will (unfortunately) once again take place virtually!

Before we sent out our newsletters in June, we still had some hope left that our politicians would come to their senses and remember why voters actually voted for them.

A small glance at the tabloids of the state our show usually took place in is enough to understand the situation. The clash between Minister-President and Vice Minister-President is a perfect example for the increasing divide between people and their convictions. Two people with FFP2 masks arguing with each other, while the mask mandate has long since been abolished in the neighboring state of Saxony. What a paradox!

Therefore, the general framework of the existing restrictions became even worse for organizers. The same goes for bureaucratic expenditures.

All in all it can be said that the mixture of fear mongering (as opposed to clarification and transparency) by politicians and/or media, internal regulations for potential exhibitors and the federal restrictions for organizers could force some exhibitors and guests to stay away from our event. Not to mention any additional costs or the risk of another ban on large-scale events (similar to what happened in fall 2020). This led to our decision to forgo a “physical” event.

However we will once again hold a virtual presentation of our “International Precious Metals & Commodities Show” (12 - 13 November 2021) and publish our annual fair magazine.

We are sorry not to have better news for you.

For exhibitors & advertisers

Similar to last year we are going to hold a virtual presentation of our “International Precious Metals & Commodities Show” on the 12th and 13th of November 2021, with some small changes. Once again you may participate as sponsor and/or virtual exhibitor. Please contact us for further details.

Naturally we are also going to publish our annual fair magazine. The number of this year's printed version will be increased, since the physical version of last year's magazine was sold out shortly after it had been published. Furthermore, we would be pleased to provide you with information regarding advertising opportunities in our magazine.


25.11.2020: The Fair Magazine is now available for download

25.11.2020: The Fair Magazine is now available for download

The current edition of the “Edelmetall- & Rohstoffmagazin 2020/2021” is now available for free download. Registration is not required.

You will find the download link for the PDF under menu item „Fair Magazine“.

05.11.2020: Recent Fair News

05.11.2020: Recent Fair News

In August, we informed you here about our reasons why this year's event cannot take place in its usual form. Today, a few days after the imposition of the second lockdown, we are glad that we did not listen to the promises of our politicians and did not plan an event under specific restrictions.

As a "small substitute" and as consolation, we had promised you two things back then:

The Edelmetall- & Rohstoffmagazin

This time, the current edition goes beyond the constraints of all previous editions, since its volume increased by about 50 pages. More than 50 company profiles of international mining companies can be found on 320 pages, as well as specialist articles by over 70 authors. The magazine can be ordered per advance payment of €14.94. Delivery will take place at the beginning of next week. (There will be a "slimmed down" version with significantly fewer pages for smart spenders. The download link to the PDF will be announced at a later date on the show's website and via newsletter.)

Lectures / Videos

The recorded lectures of our speakers turned out to be a major effort. Thanks to the generous support of all speakers, we mostly didn't conduct interviews, but recorded real lectures (partly with PP slides, charts, etc.), like they were held every year in Munich. Originally, we planned to upload all 17 videos during the two days of our fair. We decided against this, because the videos are usually around 45 minutes long and the almost endless flood of information is prone to overwhelm you.

Dr. Markus Krall will have the honor of giving the starting signal on Friday at 9:00 am. Every 30 minutes, another three videos will follow. This will continue accordingly over the next few days, although we will not "tell" you the order of speakers. There is no registration required, all videos can be viewed at a later date.

Most of the videos will be in German. Some videos from prominent speakers like Gerald Celente, Egon von Greyerz and David Morgan, will be in English.

Our new fair website

As you may have noticed, we have also developed a new fair website since the beginning of October. There you will find all information. For example, after publication you can view the corresponding video under the respective speaker.

Useful and further information (data sheets, presentations, videos, etc.) can be found by clicking on the respective logos of our sponsors and virtual exhibitors. Thanks to their support we were able to organize the event in the first place.


09.10.2020: The new layout of the website is available

09.10.2020: The new layout of the website is available

03.09.2020: Beware of Copycats

03.09.2020: Beware of Copycats

In our trade fair newsletter from August 21, 2020 we informed all visitors and interested parties of the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show in Munich that this year's event will take place virtually.

Nonetheless, Mr. T.D., director Road Shows & Content of a Frankfurt company S., claims that our Precious Metals Show "was canceled without replacement this year" and that his event will take place on the exact same date.

We would like to inform you, dear visitors, exhibitors and speakers, that this statement represents a deliberately spread false information that can hardly be surpassed in terms of audacity and insolence.


04. & 05. November 2022

Virtual exhibitors

This year's exhibitors will present themselves virtually. The focus is on mining companies, which are also represented with a short profile in the fair magazine. This year, they are listed alphabetically from A-Z, not according to industry as before.

ADX Energy Ltd.

ADX Energy Ltd. (ASX: ADX, FSE: GHU) is an Australian- and German-listed company that has had two producing oil fields, Gaiselberg and Zistersfeld, in Lower Austria since late 2019.


American Rare Earths Ltd.

American Rare Earths Ltd. (ASX: ARR, FSE: 1BHA) is an Australian exploration company listed in Australia and Germany, focused on the exploration and development of properties with high grades of rare earths and critical metals such as scandium in North America and Australia.


C2C Gold Corp.

C2C Gold Corp. (CTOC.CSX) is a leading Newfoundland mineral exploration company concentrated on exploration and resource development in accessible regions in the Central Gold Belt of Newfoundland.

Caledonia Mining Corporation plc

Caledonia Mining is a mining, exploration and development company with a clear focus on Southern Africa. Its main asset is a 64% interest in the Blanket gold mine in Zimbabwe. There, the company produced 48,872 ounces of gold in the first nine months of 2021, a company record.


Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc.

Canada Silver Cobalt is uniquely positioned to become a producer of silver, gold and critical energy metals such as cobalt, nickel and copper at its properties in northern Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

The company not only has mining properties but also a world-leading Re-2Ox extraction technology that complies with strict environmental standards in Europe, Asia and North America.

Classic Minerals Ltd.

Classic Minerals Limited (ASX: CLZ, FSE: 2I7) is an Australian and German listed company with two exceptional properties in south-western Australia, the Forrestania Gold Project and the Kat Gap Gold Project, with a combined resource of 403,906 ounces of gold.

Degussa Sonne/Mond Goldhandel GmbH

ESG Edelmetall-Service GmbH & Co. KG

EMX Royalty Corp.

The Company has annual cash flow from royalties generated through organic growth and value-based acquisitions. The implementation of the royalty generation business model supports global exploration programs for precious metals and base metals that have resulted in further expansion of an already substantial royalty portfolio.

enCore Energy Corp.

enCore Energy Corp. is a U.S. domestic uranium developer focused on becoming a leading in-situ recovery (ISR) uranium producer. The Company is led by a team of industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the development and operations of in situ recovery uranium operations.

Endeavour Silver Corp.

Canadian mining company Endeavour Silver is one of North America's largest silver producers with listings in New York, Toronto and Frankfurt. The company was able to produce a total of approximately 3.4 million ounces of silver and 32,816 ounces of gold from its Mexican mining assets in the first nine months of 2021.


First Graphene Ltd.

First Graphene Limited (ASX: FGR, FSE: AU000000FRG3) is the world's leading supplier of high performance graphene products. The company has a production capacity of 100 tons per year and a robust manufacturing platform based on captive supply of high purity raw materials.

First Majestic Silver Corp.

First Majestic is a publicly traded mining company focused on silver and gold production in Mexico and the United States and is aggressively pursuing the development of its existing mineral property assets. The Company presently owns and operates the San Dimas Silver/Gold Mine, the Santa Elena Silver/Gold Mine, the La Encantada Silver Mine and the Jerritt Canyon Gold Mine. Production from these mines is projected to be between 13.0 to 13.8 million silver ounces or 25.7 to 27.5 million silver equivalent ounces in 2021.

GoldMining Inc.

GoldMining Inc. (FRA: BSR; TSX: GOLD; NYSE AMERICAN: GLDG) is a public mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of gold assets in the Americas. Through its disciplined acquisition strategy, GoldMining controls a diversified portfolio of resource-stage gold and gold-copper projects and royalties in Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. The company’s global aggregated gold resources across all projects total 16.2 million gold equivalent ounces in the measured and indicated categories and 16.2 million gold equivalent ounces in the inferred category.

Gold Royalty Corp.

Gold Royalty recently announced that it has entered in definitive agreements to combine with Abitibi Royalties & Golden Valley to create a leading growth and Americas-focused precious metals royalty company. The company will continue to build upon its mission to acquire royalties, streams and similar interests at varying stages of the mine life cycle to build a balanced portfolio offering near, medium and longer-term attractive returns for its investors.

Gran Colombia Gold Corp.

Gran Colombia Gold is a mid-tier gold producer with a proven track record of building and operating mines in Latin America. In Colombia, the Company is currently the largest underground gold and silver producer with multiple mines at its high-grade Segovia operation. In Guyana, the Company is advancing the Toroparu project, one of the largest undeveloped gold projects in the Americas.

Granite Creek Copper Ltd.

Granite Creek Copper Limited (TSX-V: GCX, FSE: GRK) ist ein in Kanada und Deutschland börsennotiertes Explorationsunternehmen. Gesucht wird nach den aktuell besonders begehrten Metallen Gold, Silber und Kupfer. Im vergangenen Jahr wurde durch die Übernahme der Copper North Mining das Stu- mit dem Carmacks-Projekt verschmolzen.

Group Ten Metals Inc.

Group Ten Metals Inc. (TSX-V: PGE, FSE: 5D32) is a publicly traded Canadian explorer whose shares are readily tradable in Toronto and Frankfurt. The emerging company is developing high-grade deposits of battery metals, platinum group elements and gold. The main focus is on the Stillwater West project in the US state of Montana with its massive near-surface nickel and copper mineralization.

GVS Financial Solutions GmbH

GVS Financial Solutions was founded in 2011 to provide wealthy clients, foundations, family offices and institutional investors with sustainable, efficient wealth management solutions.

Haranga Resources Ltd.

Haranga Resources will not make the leap onto the stock exchange floor until November 2021, first in Australia and then also in Frankfurt. Armed with revenues of up to A$6.5 million, the Issia gold project in Côte d'Ivoire and the Saraya uranium project in Senegal will be developed. Issia is unexplored and has anomalies of up to 853 ppb gold. There is local artisanal mining.

Heraeus Metals Germany GmbH & Co. KG is a cooperation between the precious metals and technology group Heraeus and the bank-independent precious metals trader Ophirum. As a customer you benefit from the bundled expertise in precious metals processing and trading, while ordering bars and coins in premium quality from the comfort of your own home.

Kalamazoo Resources Ltd.

Kalamazoo Resources Limited (ASX: KZR, FSE: KR1) is an Australian and German listed developer with a number of high potential gold projects Down Under. What they all have in common is their close proximity to well-known producing mines and spectacular properties.

Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG

Leading Edge Materials Corp.

Leading Edge Materials is a Canadian public company focused on developing a portfolio of critical raw material projects located in the European Union. They are directly linked to high growth technologies such as batteries for electromobility and energy storage and permanent magnets for electric motors and wind power that underpin the clean energy transition towards climate neutrality.

Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd.

Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd. (ASX: LOM, FSE: NHY) is a mining company listed in Australia and Germany that specializes in the production of high-carat and therefore also very high-priced diamonds. Per carat, Lucapa Diamond therefore achieves the highest remuneration worldwide in alluvial diamond mining.

Mag Silver Corp.

MAG Silver is a Canadian mining company with a clear focus on silver in Mexico. The company recently brought its Juanicipio project into production together with mega-partner Fresnillo. Investors can expect the big breakthrough in 2022, when the company will enter commercial silver production with the help of its own processing plant.

Matador Mining Ltd.

Matador Mining Ltd. (ASX: MZZ, FSE: MA3) is a gold exploration company listed in Australia and Germany. It owns concessions along the Cape Ray Shear gold corridor in the Canadian province of Newfoundland. The company's own claims on the prospective but still very under-explored trend extend over a strike length of more than 120 kilometers.

McEwen Mining Inc.

McEwen Mining is a diversified producer, developer and explorer of gold, silver and copper with 4 mines in the Americas: Canada - The Fox Complex, in the renowned Timmins district, has produced over 3.3 million ounces of gold over the years. The recently brought into production Froome deposit has reached commercial production levels on Sep 19, 2021.

Metallic Minerals Corp.

Metallic Minerals Corp. (TSX-V: MMG, FSE: 9MM1) is a publicly traded Canadian explorer listed in Toronto and Frankfurt. The company is focused on the development of the high-grade Keno Hill silver project in Canada's Yukon Territory. In parallel, however, the La Plata silver-gold-copper project in Colorado, USA, which is also very lucrative, is expected to deliver shareholder value.

MP Edelmetalle GmbH

NewRange Gold Corp.

Newrange is focused on district-scale exploration for precious metals in favorable jurisdictions including Nevada and Ontario. The Company’s Pamlico Project in Nevada contains a large-scale multi-phase polymetallic mineralizing system with multiple gold and copper targets spread over more than 5,700 hectares.

Nova Minerals Ltd.

Nova Minerals Ltd. (ASX: NVA, FSE: QM3) is a gold exploration company listed in Australia and Germany. The company's flagship property is the 220 Km2 Estelle gold project in Alaska. It already has resources of 6.2 million ounces of gold at the Korbel and RPM deposits. In 2021, the Stoney Prospect was explored more intensively for the first time.

OceanaGold Corp.

OceanaGold is an Australian mid-tier gold producer with several operating mines in the USA, New Zealand and the Philippines. The company is currently in a transformation phase from largely surface production to underground mining.

Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd.

Osisko Gold Royalties is a so-called gold licensing company, which resulted from the Canadian gold company Osisko Gold in 2014. Line of business is the focus on precious metals royalty and streaming deals in North and South America.



pro aurum Schweiz AG

Prospect Resources Ltd.

Prospect Resources Limited (ASX: PSC, FSE: 5E8) is an Australian and German listed company developing the Arcadia Lithium Mine Project in Zimbabwe. The project is located in prime infrastructure, close to the capital Harare and is the world's 10th largest hard rock lithium deposit.

Sibanye Stillwater Ltd.

Sibanye-Stillwater is a South African gold and platinum group producer with mines in South Africa and the USA. The company is the world's largest primary producer of platinum and rhodium, the second largest primary producer of palladium and a top-ranked gold producer, ranking third in the world on a gold equivalent basis, as well as a major producer of other platinum group metals and related minerals such as chromium.

SOLIT Management GmbH

SOLIT Management GmbH

Sonoro Gold Corp.

Sonoro Gold Corp. (TSX-V: SGO, FSE: 23SP) is the Canadian and German listed explorer and developer of the Cerro Caliche gold project in Mexico. This project has excellent infrastructure and is located in the immediate vicinity of Equinox Gold's well-known Mercedes Mine. Sonoro has the ambitious goal to install a low-cost heap leach plant for the production of a gold concentrate by early 2023 and with this to advance from developer to gold producer.

South Harz Potash Ltd.

South Harz Potash Ltd. (ASX: SHP, FSE: D860) is a potash exploration company listed in Australia and Germany. In Thuringia, the company, founded in 2015, has a total of five interesting potash projects with the three mining areas Ohmgebirge, Ebeleben and Mühlhausen-Nohra and the two exploration licenses Küllstedt and Gräfentonna.

Sovereign Metals Limited

Sovereign Metals Ltd (ASX:SVM) is an ASX-listed company focused on the exploration and development of its newly identified rutile province in Malawi. The company recently achieved a major technical milestone with the announcement of the maiden Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) for Kasiya, the company's flagship project, a large, high-grade rutile deposit.


The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is Australia's largest and most highly accredited precious metals enterprise. It supports the gold mining industry by creating demand and developing markets for Australian precious metals across the globe.

Umicore AG & Co. KG

Uranium Energy Corp.

Uranium Energy Corp (FRA: U6Z / NYSE American: UEC) is a uranium mining and exploration company based in the United States. As a leading U.S. uranium company, UEC is advancing the next generation of low-cost, environmentally friendly in situ recovery (ISR) uranium projects.

Uranium Royalty Corp.

Uranium Royalty Corp. (FRA:59U; NASDAQ:UROY; TSX-V:URC) is the only uranium-focused royalty and streaming company in the world and the only pure-play uranium company listed on Nasdaq. URC provides investors with a participation opportunity in the price of uranium through strategic acquisitions of uranium interests, including royalties, streams, bonds and shares in uranium companies, as well as through ownership of physical uranium.

Valcambi sa

West High Yield Resources Ltd.

West High Yield is a publicly traded junior mining exploration and development company focused on the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral resource properties in Canada with a primary objective to develop its Record Ridge Magnesium deposit using green processing techniques to minimize waste and CO2 emissions.

Ximen Mining Corp.

Ximen Mining Corp.  (TSX.V:XIM) (FRA:1XMA) (OTCQB:XXMMF) is focused on responsible development and sustainable mining and exploration of its properties in southern British Columbia, Canada, one of the best mining jurisdictions in the world, through self-funding its own exploration. Our goal is to be the next significant high grade gold producer in southern British Columbia.



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Smart Investor

Smart Investor - Das Magazin für den kritischen Anleger


We are pleased to present a handpicked number of speakers from Asia, USA, Austria and of course Germany. Let us surprise you! No matter if lecture or interview, exciting topics and conclusions are guaranteed in these crazy times.

The videos of the speakers will be published on both days of the fair. You will find out shortly which speakers you can look forward to. Registration is not required.

The Edelmetall- & Rohstoffmagazin

Following the great success of the past few years and accompanying our annual fair, the "Edelmetall- und Rohstoffmagazin" will naturally be published again this year.

Due to the special situation it will consist of two parts again, the company portraits of the mining companies from all over the world exhibiting virtually as well as numerous, highly interesting contributions from well-known experts and speakers at the show.

The magazine is traditionally published on the first day of the fair. Since it is not possible to pick up a physical copy at the show this year, we have decided to offer a free and shortened version online in addition to the paid print version (€ 14.95 including postage).

Das Magazin ist seit Mitte November lieferbar und über den Onlineshop von bestellbar. (Jeder Besteller erhält zusätzlich das Buch "Gold & Silber für Einsteiger" (ISBN 978-3982375809, 14,90 €). Um die gekürzte Online-Version des Magazins kostenfrei abrufen zu können, folgen Sie bitte diesem Link.


The following issues have been published to date:

Older issues are available in our online shop at