Program 2021

1st day of the fair, 12. November 2021

10.00 o'clock
Prof. Dr. Max Otte
"Corona, Great Reset and Investment Prospects for Equities & Precious Metals"
10.23 o'clock
Leading Edge Materials Corp.*
Company Presentation
10.38 o'clock
Hannes Huster & Markus Bußler
"Expert Talk: About 2,500 Dollar Gold, 50 Dollar Silver and the incredible Uran Rally"
11.26 o'clock
Silver X Mining Corp.
Company Presentation
11.51 o'clock
Jim Rogers*
"The next bear market will be terrible"
12.10 o'clock
Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.*
Company Presentation
12.22 o'clock
Andreas Popp & Dr. Eike Hamer
"Chaos or Control in World Change?"
13.17 o'clock
Evergold Corp.*
Company Presentation
13.32 o'clock
Dr. Chris Martenson*
"Our Unsustainable Energy Future"
14.00 o'clock
Wolfgang Seybold
"“axinocapital - Our Recipe for Inflation Protection - Metals & Mining"
14.29 o'clock
Dimitri Speck
"Gold Bull Market after Gold Suppression"
14.58 o'clock
Euro Manganese Inc.*
Company Presentation
15.13 o'clock
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Polleit
"Inflation - Illusion, Temptation and Deception in one"

2nd day of the fair, 13. November 2021

10.00 o'clock
Christian Vartian
"Impulse and Portfolio, Hyperbolic and Solidarity"
10.24 o'clock
McEwen Mining Inc.*
Company Presentation
10.39 o'clock
Egon von Greyerz*
"Misery or Chance, You have the Choice"
11.13 o'clock
Fabled Silver Gold Corp.*
Company Presentation
11.28 o'clock
Ernst Wolff
"The Great Reset - What's behind it?"
11.53 o'clock
Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc.*
Company Presentation
12.08 o'clock
Dr. Uwe Bergold
"Global Weimar 21"
13.10 o'clock
enCore Energy Corp.*
Company Presentation
13.24 o'clock
Marc Friedrich
"Freedom or Digital Dictatorship"
13.44 o'clock
Jochen Staiger
"Inflation is back and how you can earn money with it"
14.06 o'clock
Martin Siegel
"Gold and Inflation"
14.33 o'clock
C2C Gold Corp.*
Company Presentation
14.48 o'clock
Johann A. Saiger
"The Systemic Over-Indebtedness Crisis 'Fed & Central Bank Tightrope Walk' to World Monetary Reform, Hyperinflation or Deflation crisis"

*) original language English, simultaneously translated into German