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C2C Gold Corp.

C2C Gold Corp. (CTOC.CSX) is a leading Newfoundland mineral exploration company concentrated on exploration and resource development in accessible regions in the Central Gold Belt of Newfoundland. C2C is led by a team with a track record of discovery that has the financial capacity and technical expertise to fully exploit the Company’s impressive exploration portfolio. We have a clear objective to create value, leverage investment risk and maximize the probability of long-term success by executing an aggressive, disciplined, innovative, exploration approach.

Mineral development in Newfoundland has advanced significantly with increased exploration and development activities throughout the province. The island of Newfoundland, part of the Canadian province of Newfoundland & Labrador, is experiencing the most exciting gold rush in the world. A few years ago along came New Found Gold, Denis Laviolette and Shawn Ryan each with new scientific technology, expanded geological understanding, different perspectives, similar theories and voila ‘a staking rush accompanied by significant discovery’. All of this in a first world country in need a private sector economy and business revenue. We all get to be part of the greatest gold exploration story in the world, a once in a lifetime experience to quote prospector and technical advisor Shawn Ryan.