Andreas Popp

Andreas Popp, born in 1961, is a lecturer in macroeconomics. He started his career in 1983 in the field of risk management at a subsidiary of Guardian Royal Exchange Ltd. in Hamburg and London. His specialty was the classification of oil producing companies, commanding the post of an inspector with a focused FI broker. From 1984 onwards, he was responsible for the coporate organization of  Popp GmbH. In 2000, he became CEO of Popp AG.

He transformed the company, which was founded by his father back in 1959, to a prosperous group of companies. In January 2007, he retired as CEO in order to intensely pusue his scientific work within "Wissensmanufaktur". In his fascinating talks, he equips people with this knowledge and he never grew tired of changing people for the better.

The internationally renowned and clear-thinking author has scrutinized and described the political and economic world for years now. He communicates his striking results beyond the mainstream in an understandable as well as cheerful way. His books and other publications speak for themselves. Even at TV appearances, he is plain-talking.

His credo: To get closer to the core of truth, even the most self-evident "facts" have to be put to the test!