Dr. Chris Martenson

Dr. Chris Martenson has a PhD from Duke university (Pathology/Toxicology) and an MBA from Cornell.  After being a scientist for 7 years, he worked in corporate finance for Pfizer for 3 years, and then as VP of SAIC for another 3 years.

After this corporate experience, he left to become an entrepreneur and began by creating The Crash Course, an on-line video series that became something of a viral sensation being viewed millions of times around the world and was translated into 12 languages.  The core of his work takes a ‘systems approach’ and seeks insights by aligning the forces shaping such diverse fields as the economy, energy & the environment, which more and more leaders are beginning to appreciate,

His current company, Peak Prosperity, was founded in 2010 and has been operating successfully ever since.  As CEO (and sole owner) Chris oversee an operation that seeks to rescue the future by empowering resilience.  How?  By providing essential context and precise information scouting that allows his clients and members to peer into the future to more accurately predict what’s about to happen.  Actionable intelligence is the key to a successful business and life.

His Covid coverage garnered many tens of millions of views in 2020 and, based on emails received alone, was enormously influential on the lives and decisions of thousands of people.  Now, more than ever, future prosperity rests upon having a clear vision of what the future holds and Dr. Martenson has made that his life’s focus and deep study.